Latin and Greek roots

Using latin and greek roots, you can discover the meaning behind many words.

Latin Meaning
anthrop man, mankind
phil love
miso hate
biblio, bibl book
phon sound
graph, gram write; draw; describe; record
scop, scept, skept look at; examine
-mania, -maniac, maniacal, -manicre, -manic madness for; excessive fondness for
-phobia, -phobiac, -phobe, -phobist, -phobic dread of; morbid fear of
eu good; well
caco bad; ill
mega, megalo large
micro small
macro large; long
tele, tel, telo far; distant
teleo, tel, telio, telo end; result; completion
arch, archi rule; govern
dem people
gen, gon kind; race; origin
gon angle
gyn, gyne, gynaec, gynec woman
log idea; speech; word; discussion; reason; study
archae, archa ancient
hetero various; unlike
homo same
olig few
pan-, panto all
poly many
theo god
geo earth
helio sun
dyn, dynam power; force
chron time
chrom, chromat, chro color
meter, metr  measure
center, centr center
cycl circle
mono one
bi two
dis, di two, twice
iso equal
ortho correct; right; straight
divination; prophecy
one who divines
prophesying; having to do with divination
path feeling; disease
batho, bathy depth
therap cure
haem, hem, aem, em blood
rhea, rheo, rrh, rhag flow; gush; burst
stat, stas stand; stop
erg, urg work
gno, gnos know
hemi half
voc, vok voice; call
dic, dict say; speak; assert
dica, dicat proclaim, set apart
duc, duct lead
loqu, locut speak
loc, locat place
garrul chatter; talk
equ equal; fair
ben, bon good; well
mal bad; ill
soli, sol alone; only
magn great; large
son sound
verb word
lingu languages, tongue
langu faint, weary
ver truth
vor eat
vir man
virtu strength, virtue
omni all
multi many
pauci few
long long
brev brief, short
corpor body
carn flesh
sanguin, sangui blood
cord heart
capit, cipit take
ped foot
manu hand
mand, mend put in hands of; entrust; order
digit finger; toe
dent tooth
aur ear
oeul eye
vid, vis see
divid, divis separate
spec, spic, spect look at; examine
aud, audit hear
gust taste
ger, gest bear, carry
palp feel; touch
tang, ting, tag, tig, tact touch
tac, tic silent
teg, tect cover
aur- gold
argent- silver
ferr- iron
plumb- lead
-fer, -ferous bear, carry, produce
sens, sent feel, be aware
cern, cert, cret sift, separate, distinguish, decide
crim, crimin judgement, accusation, crime
sci know
sap, sip taste; discern; be wise
sag shrewd, wise
fa, fat, fess speak
far divine law
fatu foolish
fac, fact, fect, -fic, -fy do; make; cause
fing, fig, fict form; shape; invent; imagine
fig, fix, -fy fasten; pierce
simil, simul, sembl together; likeness; pretense
quasi as if; seemingly
non-, ne-, neg- not
anim life; spirit; mind; soul
vit, viv live
mort death
mord, mors bite
morb illness
mor custom
dorm sleep
somn sleep; dream
torp stupor; numbness
para, par [pair] prepare; ward off
par [pair, peer] equal
parous bearing; producing
mir wonder
quer, quest, quirr, quis seek; ask
queri, queru complain
roga ask
pet seek; attack
ora mouth; speech; prayer
preca pray
preci price; value
pecu one’s own, private property; $
propr, proper one’s own, individual
lucr gain; profit
fise purse
merc trade
put cut; prune away; clear up; think; suppose
ratio, ration reason; relationship
prob test, prove
solv, solut loosen; set free
arbitr consider; judge
jur, just right; justice; oath
judic judge, decide
cred, credit believe, trust
nega, negat deny
fid faith
feder league, alliance, bond
doc, doct teach
dub, dubit doubt
vacill waver
oscill swing
oss bone
ndum, nda to be ___
scrib, script write
liter letter
leg, lig, lect choose, gather
leg, leet read
leg law
lig bind
string, strict bind
stinsu, stinct prick; prick out; quench
stimul good, rouse
pung, punct point, prick
pugn, pug fight, fist
ambul walk
grad, gred, gress step
migr, migrat move, travel
ced, cess more; withdraw
err stray; wander
vag wander
curr, curs, corr run
cura, cur care
fugit, fug flee
late hide
lat wide
later side
-late, -lation, -lative carry; bear

Using these roots, you can see how they are put together to form complex words:

acronym: word formed from beginning letters of statements
agnostic: belief that the existence of god is unknown
amnesty: pardon, forgiveness
anachronism: not in the right time
analgesic: not being able to feel pain
analogy: a likeness in one or more ways between things otherwise unlike
anathematize: curse
antithesis: contrast of ideas; directly opposed
apocryphal: counterfeit; false
archaic: ancient
catastrophic: a great disaster or misfortune
caustic: corrosive, cutting, sarcastic
cryptic: mysterious, intended to be baffling
demagogue: someone who appeals to prejudice for power
democracy: rule of the people
diabolic: devilish
diaphanous: of so fine a material that it’s transparent
epidemic: rapid spread of disease
epigram: short witty statement
epitaph: an inscription in memory of a dead person
ethereal: heavenly
eulogy: “good words”; praising of someone after they’re dead
euphoria: sense of well-being
euthanasia: mercy killing
holocaust: a thorough destruction, especially by fire
hyperbole: extravagant exaggeration
iconoclast: one who ridicules traditions
idiom: language peculiar to one group
idiosyncrasy: personal peculiarity
megalomania: delusion about one’s own power or importance
mentor: teacher
misanthrope: hatred of mankind
misogynist: one who hates women
monarchy: power is vested in one person; “one power”
neophyte: new convert
oligarchy: rule of a few
orthodox: conforming to established doctrine
panacea: a cure-all
pandemic: disease throughout the entire world
paradox: seems contradictory but may be true in fact
pathos: quality that causes pity
philanderer: love of wandering
philanthropist: person who loves mankind
physiognomy: judging by facial feature
plutocrat: member of wealthy, ruling class
politic: science of government
prognosticate: to foretell
sporadic: occurring now and then
tautology: unnecessary repeating of statements
tome: large book


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