Summer Break

There is nothing like summer break and as an adult it is heartbreaking when you no longer can take two and a half months off during the best part of the year. And this is Washington so there are like three months of good weather. The last summer I didn’t work full-time was back in 2012 and I’m aching for those times. I lived out of my trunk and whisked around wherever I pleased: the beach, camping, visiting friends. Me in the summer:


This year I said “fuck it” and requested three weeks off in July. And now that I have a bit of free time to plan for, I’m taking a look at my bucket list. The main difference between this year and other years is that I actually have money to use. So my options have expanded. These are the actual feasible things I can do during the time:

  • Learn to drive a stick shift
  • Visit a psychic/fortune teller/tarot card reader
  • Visit an active volcano (Kilauea?)
  • Milk a cow
  • Jump off a waterfall
  • Learn to ride a motorcycle
  • Learn to sail
  • Learn to fly
  • Ride in a sidecar (I’ve seen people doing this in Victoria B.C.)
  • Go to Busch Gardens in Virginia to ride on all the roller coasters I was too afraid to as a child

What other things can I do? Please comment below for suggestions!



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