The Bucket List

[All completed items have been moved to the top. This list is up-to-date as of 1/17/2020]

  1. ✓ ­Go skydiving (3/10/2014)
  2. ✓ Plant a tree
  3. ✓ Go para-sailing
  4. ✓ Join a riot
  5. ✓ Hitchhike (2008)
  6. ✓ Learn how to play pool
  7. ✓ Learn how to play poker
  8. ✓ Pick my poison (gin)
  9. ✓ Go commando
  10. ✓ Get on a plane without knowing where it is going
  11. ✓ See the Grand Canyon
  12. ✓ Acquire an international pen pal
  13. ✓ Dance on a stage in front of a large group of people
  14. ✓ Run through a field of flowers in a dress
  15. ✓ Go skinny dipping (7/2008)
  16. ✓ Participate in a bar fight
  17. ✓ Get a professional massage
  18. ✓ Throw (clean) panties at a live band
  19. ✓ Jump in a pool/fountain/lake with clothes on
  20. ✓ Dance on a rooftop
  21. ✓ Write inspirational messages in public bathrooms
  22. ✓ Write threatening messages in public bathrooms
  23. ✓ Go to New York
  24. ✓ Go to Los Angeles
  25. ✓ Join a parade
  26. ✓ Create a personal travel map
  27. ✓ Get trashed while wine tasting
  28. ✓ Donate blood
  29. ✓ Donate plasma
  30. ✓ Donate hair
  31. ✓ Have my portrait painted
  32. ✓ Give myself a haircut
  33. ✓ Read Moby Dick
  34. ✓ Take a philosophy class
  35. ✓ Write a rejection letter to Harvard
  36. ✓ Sunbathe topless (Summer 2009)
  37. ✓ Picket something
  38. ✓ Fake being drunk at a party
  39. ✓ Get grandparents to share detailed family tree information
  40. ✓ Go to a Monster Truck Rally
  41. ✓ Learn to change a tire
  42. ✓ Meet and spend the entire night hanging out with complete strangers (many times over:)
  43. ✓ Paint a house
  44. ✓ Order pizza and answer the door in lingerie
  45. ✓ See the circus
  46. Invent a drink
  47. ✓ Have something published
  48. ✓ Shotgun a beer
  49. ✓ Go whale watching by the San Juan Islands for Orcas
  50. ✓ Go whale watching in Mexico for Hump Back Whales
  51. ✓ Drink Absinthe
  52. ✓ Visit Mt. St. Helens
  53. ✓ Visit a gun range
  54. ✓ Get acupuncture (8/20/2015)
  55. ✓ Get or watch someone get a tattoo (2010, 2020)
  56. ✓ Fly in a hot air balloon (3/14/2014)
  57. ✓ Ask for a raise
  58. ✓ Ride on a motorcycle (August 2012)
  59. ✓ Get fired on purpose
  60. ✓ Stay out dancing all night and go straight to work in the morning
  61. ✓ Scuba dive in the Great Barrier Reef (3/11/2014)
  62. ✓ Create a mission statement or manifesto
  63. ✓ Celebrate at the Kanamara festival (penis festival) in Kawasaki, Japan
  64. ✓ Ride a bullet train
  65. ✓ Watch a live birth (11/15/2013)
  66. ✓ Spend a day visiting expensive car dealerships test-driving cars that I will never be able to afford
  67. ✓ Moonwalk out of a room
  68. ✓ Take part in a dance off
  69. ✓ Eat the Agave worm
  70. ✓ Fly in a helicopter
  71. ✓ Visit a huge gospel church
  72. ✓ Make a quilt
  73. ✓ See a show on Broadway
  74. ✓ Scuba dive
  75. ✓ Attend a Gallery Opening
  76. ✓ Join a book club
  77. ✓ Visit an underground cavern
  78. ✓ Attend a masquerade
  79. ✓ Go to the tracks (horse or dog)
  80. ✓ Roll in a huge pile of leaves
  81. ✓ Go dog sledding in Alaska (6/24/2015)
  82. ✓ Get a professional makeover
  83. ✓ Crash a ritzy party
  84. ✓ Slide down a brass fire pole
  85. ✓ Smoke a Cuban cigar
  86. ✓ Get engaged
  87. ✓ Put flowers on the untended grave of a stranger
  88. ✓ Cook dinner in a fire
  89. ✓ Learn the rules of football
  90. ✓ Solve a mystery train ride
  91. ✓ See Teatro Zinzanni
  92. ✓ Hit golf balls into the sea
  93. ✓ Brood on a motorcycle while listening to “Take My Breath Away” or “Highway to the Danger Zone”
  94. Dumpster Dive
  95. ✓ Correspond with someone in prison
  96. ✓ Tightrope walk from a great height
  97. ✓ Smuggle something illegal over the U.S. border
  98. ✓ Smoke a cigarette out of a 1920s cigarette holder
  99. ✓ Buy a new car
  100. ✓ Karaoke in front of an entire bar
  101. ✓ Watch AFI’s top 1oo films (track my progress here)
  102. ✓ Create a family tree
  103. ✓ Go to a Drive-in Movie
  104. ✓ Take a DNA test
  105. ✓ Sleep in a tree house
  106. ✓ Go Blackwater rafting
  107. ✓ Go spelunking
  108. ✓ Swim with a shark (3/13/2014)
  109. ✓ Take a food foraging class
  110. ✓ Arrive by sea plane (June 2015)
  111. ✓ Blow a lot of money gambling
  112. ✓ Put $111 on black on a roulette table in Vegas (11/11/2011 at 11:11 pm– Yes I won!)
  113. ✓ Zip line (November 2011)
  114. ✓ Fly first class (7/13/17)
  115. ✓ See a full eclipse from the center of totality (in Lime, Oregon on 8/21/2017)
  116. ✓ Get a dog (July 14, 2017)
  117. ✓ Go to a Cirque du Soleil show (November 2011)
  118. ✓ Try cupping therapy
  119. ✓ Play the stock market
  120. ✓ Eat roe right out of the fish (completed summer 2017)
  121. ✓ Have a white Christmas
  122. ✓ Learn to juggle
  123. ✓ Take guitar lessons
  124. ✓ Own an original piece of artwork
  125. ✓ Send a message in a bottle
  126. ✓ Write 50 journals
  127. ✓ Complete a ropes course
  128. ✓ Do a juice fast for a week
  129. ✓ Fly a kite
  130. ✓ Go Paintballing with friends
  131. ✓ Climb a lighthouse
  132. ✓ Hike on a glacier
  133. ✓ Graduate from university
  134. ✓ Drive the Pacific Coast Highway
  135. ✓ Visit the Redwoods
  136. ✓ Hike through Glacier National Park
  137. ✓ Visit the Blue Grotto
  138. ✓ Throw a coin in the Trevi Fountain
  139. ✓ Stroll Through Sagano Bamboo Forest
  140. ✓ See Gaudi’s La Sagrada Familia
  141. ✓ Complete a triathlon
  142. ✓ Visit a jeweler’s office in the diamond district in Manhattan
  143. ✓ See Pompeii
  144. Go curling
  145. ✓ Buy a storage unit at auction
  146. ✓ Rent and use a metal detector
  147. ✓ Read 500 books
  148. ✓ Drink at a swim-up bar
  149. ✓ Ride in an amphibious vehicle
  150. ✓ Join a cult
  151. ✓ Watch the changing of the guard at Buckingham Palace
  152. ✓ Have high tea in England
  153. ✓ Hit a Clay Pigeon While Skeet Shooting
  154. ✓ Take a natural mud bath
  155. ✓ Ride in a tuk tuk in Bangkok
  156. ✓ Visit Wat Rong Khun aka White Temple in Thailand
  157. ✓ Travel alone
  158. ✓ Bathe with a baby elephant (4 Jan 2020)
  159. ✓ Survive a global pandemic
  160. Go snowshoeing
  161. Go to the SuperBowl
  162. Relax in a Sensory Deprivation Tank
  163. Shear a sheep
  164. Try weird food: Beef tongue, Horse, Elk, Alligator, Eel, Escargot, Foie Gras, Cactus, Chicken feet, Umeboshi (pickled plums), Agave worm, Bear, Reindeer, chocolate covered ants, Whale, Guinea Pig (“Cuy” in Ecuador or Peru), Durian, Abalone, Prickly Pear, Head cheese, Haggis, Fugu, Stingray
  165. Visit every major religion’s holiest cities (Rome, Vatican CityKyoto, Lhasa, Mecca, Medina, Jerusalem, Bethlehem, Varanasi, Pushkar, etc.)
  166. Attend a service for every major religion (Catholicism, Judaism, Islam, Hindu, Taoism, Shinto, Buddhism)
  167. Attend all the major lantern festivals
    1. Spring Lantern Festival in China (Nanjing, Shanghai, and Beijing are where the largest events are held)
    2. Hoi An Lantern Festival in Vietnam
    3. Diwali
    4. Yi Peng Festival in Chiang Mai, Thailand (usually in November and coincides with Loi Krathong, another lantern festival held in Thailand with large events in Bangkok and Sukhothai)
    5. Pingxi Sky Lantern Festival in Taiwan (Shifen, Jington, and Pingxi all celebrate–the largest is in Shifen)
    6. Vesak Day at Borobudur temple in Java, Indonesia (usually in May)
    7. Toro Nagashi in Japan: paper lanterns are lit and floated on the Asano river in the city of Kanazawa. (Usually first Saturday in June)
    8. Thadingyut Festival of Lights in Myanmar
    9. Boun Lai Heua Fai in Laos
    10. Bon Om Touk or Water Festival in Cambodia (usually in November with large event held in Phnom Penh)
    11. Memorial Day Lantern Floating in Hawaii (Oahu’s south shore at Ala Moana Beach)
  168. Send someone anonymous secret admirer flowers
  169. Use a fake accent for an entire day
  170. Have tasteful nude portraits taken
  171. Give $5 to someone for a random act of kindness
  172. Learn to whistle with two fingers
  173. Flash a stranger
  174. Moon someone
  175. Send an anonymous drink to a lonely guy at a bar
  176. Make a scene at a restaurant (preferably fling a drink in someone’s face)
  177. Have a book published
  178. Brew my own beer
  179. Give a cop the finger
  180. Casually fling a lit cigarette at something flammable (preferably something expensive that I’ve just soaked in gasoline)
  181. Pick up a hitchhiker and make them tell me their life story
  182. Bungee jump
  183. Do a keg stand
  184. Go on a coast-to-coast All-American road trip in a red Ford Mustang convertible
  185. Attend the summer Olympics (Tokyo 2020?)
  186. Go to confession in a Catholic church with a list of a lifetime of sins
  187. Write a comedy act and perform it at an open mic night
  188. Start a club
  189. Be an extra in a movie
  190. Learn to drive a stick shift
  191. Visit a psychic, tarot card reader, medium, or fortune teller (preferably all four)
  192. Read the complete works of Shakespeare
  193. Crowd surf at a concert
  194. Write a screenplay
  195. Walk ten dogs down the street in a big city
  196. Visit the White cliffs of Dover
  197. Go to Wimbledon (usually June to July)
  198. Visit Stonehenge
  199. Sleep in a haunted castle (perhaps Comlongon castle in Scotland)
  200. Visit Evil Eye in York: it has 1026 types of gin
  201. Drink at the Guinness Brewery
  202. Kiss the Blarney Stone
  203. Cross Ireland by bicycle
  204. Down an imperial pint in London’s Samuel Pepys pub on the Thames
  205. Ride a horse through the British countryside (bonus points if wearing early 19th century garb)
  206. Take acid while visiting Uluru in Australia
  207. Invent something useful and patent it
  208. Go to the top of the Sears Tower and lean against the window
  209. Read War and Peace
  210. Learn to tap dance
  211. Ride in a blimp
  212. Have my artwork displayed in a gallery
  213. See an active volcano (preferably on the Big Island of Hawaii)
  214. Just pack and get on a bus without knowing where it’s going
  215. Backpack through Europe
  216. Host a formal cocktail party for 25+ people
  217. Milk a cow
  218. Have flattering black and white head shots taken
  219. Jump off a waterfall
  220. Create my own holiday
  221. Send a postcard from every continent
  222. Throw a dart at  a map and go there
  223. Go to the original Disneyland
  224. Play strip poker
  225. Surprise someone wearing nothing but a trench coat and heels
  226. Visit every country in Europe
  227. Be in the audience of a TV show
  228. Ride the Trans-Siberian Express through Asia
  229. Drink beer at Oktoberfest in Munich
  230. Visit Neuschwanstein castle
  231. Shower under a waterfall
  232. Catch a fly ball in the stand of a Major League Baseball game
  233. Climb Mt. Fuji
  234. Eat Fugu
  235. Watch live Sumo wrestling championships and yell “Hakkeyoi!”
  236. Drink tea in a traditional Japanese tea garden
  237. Visit Africa’s Serengeti Plain and watch the wildebeest migration from a hot air balloon
  238. Learn Italian or French to the point where you can go on a sexy rant
  239. Run with the bulls in Pamplona (July 6-14)
  240. Go to a writer’s retreat
  241. Spend a week at Burning Man (usually Labor day weekend)
  242. Visit a nudist colony, aka take a “nakation”
  243. Go shopping in Milan
  244. Visit Villa del Balbianello on Lake Como in Italy
  245. Hear Andrea Bocelli sing opera in Milan
  246. Ride in a Gondola in Venice
  247. Stomp grapes in Tuscany
  248. Hike the cities of Cinque Terre (preferably during the off-season)
  249. Dance a Waltz at the Vienna Opera Ball
  250. Skate through the streets of Paris
  251. Ride a bicycle through the Loire Valley in September
  252. Sunbathe at the nude beaches of the Cote D’Azur
  253. Attend a couture show in Paris
  254. Walk/run/motorcycle the Great Wall of China
  255. Visit the Forbidden City
  256. Take an ink/calligraphy/painting class with an expert in China
  257. Visit the Tianjin Binhai Library
  258. Celebrate Dia de los Muertos in Mexico City
  259. Soak in the mud and waters of the Dead Sea
  260. Go to Cairo and Luxor and see the pyramids and float down the Nile
  261. See the Sri Meenakshi temple in India
  262. Visit the Taj Mahal
  263. Shop for gold in India during wedding season (October-December)
  264. Navigate the backwaters of Kerala, India, on a houseboat
  265. Learn to play the ukulele
  266. Learn to play the harp
  267. Bathe in the Blue Lagoon in Iceland
  268. Go to Argentina to look for Dinosaur bones
  269. Join a group of storm-chasers
  270. Visit the Amazon rainforest
  271. Drink a mint julep at the Kentucky Derby while wearing an elaborate hat (usually in early May)
  272. Visit the Indy 500, the Monaco Grand Prix, or 24 Hours of Le Mans
  273. Climb Mount Olympus
  274. Ride a Harley on Route 66 (check out the rumble strips that play America The Beautiful)
  275. Take a train ride on the Orient Express from Paris to Istanbul
  276. Steamboat cruise down the Mississippi (preferably with a man named Jim)
  277. Raft down the Nahanni in Canada
  278. Witness the Thaipusam festival in Singapore (January/February)
  279. Stay in the Presidential suite of a hotel
  280. See the sunrise from Maui’s Mt. Haleakala
  281. Obtain a black belt in a martial art
  282. Try every alcoholic spirit in the world
  283. Take piano lessons
  284. Host a kick-ass family reunion
  285. Hop the border to and from Mexico
  286. Attend Comic-Con
  287. Try archery again
  288. Live abroad
  289. Celebrate New Years in Times Square
  290. Go full throttle on the open road
  291. Make out at Niagara Falls
  292. Pee off a really tall building
  293. Travel the Norwegian Fjords
  294. Visit Trolltunga in Norway
  295. Hike to Preikestolen in Norway (also called Pulpit Rock)
  296. See the hometowns of ancestors
  297. Go Skijoring with dogs
  298. Attend the St. Lucia festival in Stockholm, Sweden
  299. Visit Tjolöholm Castle in Sweden
  300. Stay at The Ice Hotel in Jukkasjarvi, Norrland, Sweden
  301. See the Northern Lights/aurora borealis
  302. Go on safari through the Laplands
  303. Throw a pie in someone’s face
  304. Rescue someone from mortal peril
  305. Witness a Civil War reenactment battle
  306. Attempt to kiss the Pope
  307. Start/participate in a major food fight
  308. Ride a horse bareback, in a red dress, on the beach
  309. Become an ordained minister
  310. Learn the metric system by heart
  311. Mardi Gras in New Orleans (mid-February to early March)
  312. Second line a jazz funeral in New Orleans
  313. Eat breakfast at Tiffany’s
  314. Learn to fly a plane
  315. Wakeboard
  316. Ding-dong-ditch someone’s house with a flaming bag of dog poop
  317. Have a ridiculous temper tantrum and throw destructible objects off a balcony
  318. Jump out of a cake
  319. Yell at an authority figure in front of a large group
  320. Be serenaded on a balcony (preferably in Spanish)
  321. Attend a film festival (preferably Cannes)
  322. Go fly fishing
  323. Have a barbershop quartet sing for me or someone else
  324. Send a message via airplane
  325. Tuen Ng (Dragon boat festival in Hong Kong usually in June)
  326. Attend or host a Ho Down (must have jug player, banjo, washboard, and spoons)
  327. Get a real estate license
  328. Get hypnotized by a professional
  329. Be a truck driver
  330. Learn to sail and then sail around the world (or at least to the South Pacific)
  331. Get arrested at age 80 or older
  332. Fly to the moon
  333. Go on a pilgrimage to the holy land
  334. Hang glide in Vermont in autumn when the leaves are vivid
  335. Learn basic engine checking/fixing
  336. Read the entire Bible, preferably with historical annotations
  337. Ride an elephant in Thailand
  338. Let a lantern fly at the Yee Peng Festival in Chiang Mai in November
  339. Visit Yunnan with a really good camera
  340. Build a tree house (preferably with a child)
  341. Swim in each of the seven seas
  342. Watch the sunset on Santorini
  343. Harmonize on a street corner
  344. Wear a disguise
  345. Travel Magellan’s exact route
  346. Go on an African Safari
  347. Take group therapy and don’t hold back
  348. Thwart a mugger and/or prevent a crime
  349. Bowl a perfect 300
  350. Perform a to-the-books exorcism
  351. Pan for gold like an old prospector
  352. Make moonshine in a bathtub
  353. Learn morse code
  354. Visit Grauman’s Chinese Theatre in Hollywood
  355. Try fencing
  356. Go down in a submarine
  357. Learn braille
  358. Dive for jewelry in a public lake
  359. Volunteer overseas
  360. Take dance lessons
  361. Give birth
  362. Attend a space shuttle launch
  363. Spend one Christmas on the beach drinking Piña Coladas
  364. Visit the Galapagos
  365. Take the SATs years after college
  366. Deactivate a live bomb
  367. Attend a midnight mass
  368. Learn to read lips
  369. Hire a private detective
  370. Experience Brazilian Carnival
  371. See/compete in the Elephant Polo tournament in Nepal
  372. Put a scavenger hunt in my will
  373. Ride a camel through the desert
  374. Have a star named
  375. Walk over hot coals
  376. Win with a royal flush
  377. Start at Lake Tear of the Clouds and go by canoe down the Hudson to the Statue of Liberty
  378. Host a Thanksgiving where you serve everyone’s favorite food (pizza, cheesecake, etc.)
  379. Ballroom dance at the Rainbow Room
  380. See the terra-cotta soldiers at Xian
  381. Join a manhunt, search party, or posse
  382. Ride in a side car
  383. Give everyone you love a note outlining how they’ve enriched your life
  384. Tour the Prado (Madrid, Spain), the Louvre (Paris, France), the Hermitage (Saint Petersburg, Russia), The National Gallery (London, England), the Metropolitan (New York, USA), and the Uffizi (Florence, Italy)
  385. See a live polar bear in its natural environment
  386. Loot
  387. Visit Easter Island
  388. Buy a house
  389. Get married
  390. Go HALO diving (preferably over the Alps)
  391. Hunt something with a spear
  392. Go hunting for big game
  393. Bicycle across America (or across the state of Washington, or along Highway 101)
  394. Go to Busch Gardens in Virginia and go on all the roller coasters I was too afraid to as a child
  395. Take ferries all the way up to Alaska
  396. Sponsor a girl’s education
  397. Hunt for pirates
  398. Have a pet fox
  399. Get baptized in the Mississippi
  400. Shoot swamp rats in the Everglades and use the profits to buy beer
  401. Drive the Overseas Highway, Miami to Key West, Florida
  402. Ride naked in the Fremont Solstice parade
  403. Make an entire meal out of foraged food
  404. Climb Mount Rainier
  405. Visit Dubai
  406. See Nasir al Molk Mosque in Shiraz, Iran
  407. See the Parliament Building in Budapest, Hungary
  408. See the Sheikh Zayed Grand Mosque in Abu Dhabi, UAE
  409. Go to a floating lantern festival
  410. Learn how to blow glass
  411. Go to an oxygen bar
  412. Have a fish pedicure
  413. Go on a river cruise along the Volga river
  414. Cook live lobster
  415. Kill, cook, and eat a rattlesnake
  416. Live in a boat house on Lake Washington
  417. Visit Mexico when all the monarch butterflies swarm there
  418. Visit Sveti Stefan in Montenegro (“Lux Apartments” nearby)
  419. Win the lottery
  420. Stay in a hut over the waters of the Maldives
  421. Dive for pearls
  422. Watch the North American Caribou migration
  423. Go see a live marching band show at an HBCU (Southern University, NCAT, Brown, etc.)
  424. Drive an ATV
  425. Go snorkeling in St. Johns
  426. Visit Argentina’s Iguazu Falls
  427. Build an epic gingerbread house from scratch
  428. Go clamming and immediately make clam chowder afterwards
  429. Sleep in an igloo
  430. Be a street performer
  431. Go to a Renaissance Festival
  432. Take singing lessons/learn to sing within my octave
  433. Become a self-made millionaire
  434. Charter a yacht
  435. Stay in a 5-star resort
  436. Attend a pig roast in South Pacific
  437. Drink at an ice bar
  438. Eat in a pitch black restaurant
  439. Enter something in a food competition
  440. Do a polar bear plunge
  441. Find treasure with a metal detector
  442. Meet the Dalai Lama
  443. Go ice fishing
  444. Ride in a snowmobile
  445. Climb the Haʻikū Stairs on O’ahu
  446. Tour the Biltmore Estates in NC
  447. Visit the world’s largest salt flat Salar de Uyuni in Bolivia
  448. Swim in the World’s largest swimming pool: San Alfonso Del Mar in Chile
  449. Visit Patagonia in Chile/Argentina
  450. Swim in a Cenote in Mexico
  451. Hike through the Crooked Forest in Poland
  452. Make edgy street art in a prominent location under the cover of darkness
  453. Swim next to a Blue Whale
  454. Waterfall ice climb at Banff, Canada
  455. Walk the 1,200 km Shikoku Pilgrimage
  456. Start in Miami and travel down through the Caribbean islands to Venezuela
Have an idea for this list? Please leave a comment!

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