Go Curling

Ever since watching the 1998 Winter Olympics as a girl, I’ve wanted to try out Curling. So I was a little excited when, while at work, I received a meeting notice for a team-building activity at the Granite Curling Club of Seattle, which turns out to be a mere 3 miles from my house! Here is the video they showed us upon arrival:

We slipped little rubber soles on our shoes which prevent you from slipping on the ice. When pushing off the stone, you actually slide on what appears to be a Teflon sole insert. I had a great time! It’s like high-stakes shuffle board. You are sliding a 44-pound granite stone over pebbled ice so you can’t really compare it to anything else and it’s hard to grasp the physics involved. The most exercise you get is during the sweeping portion. And I found out the vigorousness with which you sweep does actually make a difference! The next day I was slightly sore on my left quadriceps and my arms were pretty sore from sweeping. We played curling for four hours and worked up quite an appetite. At the lunch afterwards we munched on poutine, which was a great homage to all the Canadians who do so well at this sport. Cheers!

Another item off the ol’ bucket list: ✓ Go Curling, completed 11/3/2017


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