Fried Dandelions: A Simple Springtime Snack

April is Dandelion month and every year when spring rolls around I make one of my favorite spring snacks: fried dandelions.

Fried Dandelions
Fried Dandelions

I learned this recipe when I lived in Virginia as a kid. My family was at a potluck and a Quaker woman had brought fried dandelions. At first I was skeptical but once I tried them I couldn’t stop eating! I make them every year and love introducing them to people. Most are hesitant to try, but they always agree that fried dandelions are pretty tasty.

Cooking fried dandelions is really easy and you probably already have all of the ingredients, including this ubiquitous weed. Another bonus? Dandelions are high in nutrients including lecithin, vitamin a & c, b vitamins, zinc, potassium, iron, and beta-carotene. Historically these flowers have been used to promote liver function and aid digestion. Here are five steps to making your own fried dandelions:

Step 1: Find some dandelions

Try to find dandelions that haven’t been near any pesticides or herbicides

Step 2: Pick them

Pick the dandelions as close to the flower as possible to avoid the bitter stem

Rinse and dry the flowers to get off dirt and bugs. Watch out for spiders!

Step 3: Get the ingredients for the batter

Ingredients for fried dandelions
Milk, Flour, and Egg

You can make this dairy-free by using almond milk and vegan by using egg substitute. If you know a better batter recipe, use it. I just recommend this one because it’s simple and most people already have these ingredients in their fridge.

To make the batter mix 1 cup milk, 1 cup flour, and 1 egg. Easy right?

Step 4: Fry ‘Em

Coat the bottom of a frying pan with olive oil and put it over medium heat. Dip the flowers in the batter and toss them in. Flip them once.

Fried Dandelions
Fried Dandelions

Step 5: Cool and add your topping of choice

Salt and pepper are my favorite but sugar and cinnamon is a great way to make it a sweet snack. Fried dandelions are versatile  and take to many different flavors. Try out some toppings.

Fried Dandelions
Fried Dandelions

Enjoy it on its own or accompanied with dandelion greens and dandelion wine!

Bon appétit!


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  1. trishlee75 says:

    Amazing! I’m always looking for new things to do with different ingredients.What a great use of dandelions! This is awesome! Thanks for sharing!

    1. vtrippel says:

      Thanks! Try it out and let me know what you think!

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